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The Films of Stephanie Bennett

Stephanie Bennett has been producing, writing and directing documentaries and concerts since 1981.She worked initially through US-based Delilah Films where she produced such classic music films as “The Compleat Beatles”, “Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Chuck Berry Story”, “Roy Orbison: Black and White Night”, “Woman of Heart and Mind: Joni Mitchell documentary and over 50 other films inthis genre. More at Delilah Films.

Since moving to New Zealand in 2009 and establishing Rongo Productions, Stephanie has produced and directed several documentaries including "Ringa Whao" based on the life and work of sculptor Chris Bailey; “Headland: Where Nature Meets Sculpture” the history of Waiheke Island’s Sculpture on the Gulf, one of New Zealand's biggest international biennial art events, “Christine” based on the life and work of goldsmith Christine Halfmatz-Wheeler, and a documentary film on the history and evolution of Auckland City's Britomart looking at its heritage architecture and art and transformation into one of New Zealand’s must-see attractions. Several other documentaries are being developed as international co-productions with the USA and Ireland including the “The “O” in Studio: The Spaces of Artists” with artist and sculptor Denis O’Connor. She is also involved in campaigning and bringing awareness to the dangers of plastic in her film BYOBag.
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The Artist Goldsmith
The"O" in Studio