Campaign and Film
In Spring of this year Stephanie joined with Deb Lyttle and Jennifer Fountain to bring international artist Dianna Cohen to Waiheke Island to help promote the BYOBag campaign (see Facebook BYO Bag Waiheke Island) with an art exhibition” Out of the Bag” featuring Dianna’s work and 30 local artists It took place at the Waiheke Community Art Gallery, was a huge success and added to the campaign BYOBag was initiated by Debbie Lyttle in 2012 encouraging the local community to make bags out of recycled fabric to give to the local community. These uniquely designed bags have now become collectors items and are sold on the island. The campaign is growing everyday currently a “Local Hero” campaign is taking place with the shops and restaurants on Waiheke Island to encourage them to promote their customers to go plastic bag free.

Click on preview to see the story of the campaign and learn how you can help reduce your plastic imprint.

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