Discovering Britomart
Architecture and Art merge in a unique Auckland precinct
Britomart is a unique precinct that has emerged amongst Auckland’s most historic building located by the sea in downtown Auckland. The gourmet restaurants, fashion boutiques and unique clubs such as the Generator and Britomart Country club are part of the centre attracting the urbane retailer and customer.
Britomart is the culmination of one man’s artistic vision. As well as one of New Zealand’s most successful property developers, Cooper has been collecting great artworks of New Zealand for many years. The restoration of a 5ha section of downtown Auckland studded with faded heritage buildings many thought ready for bulldozing is Cooper’s own work of art, executed with a small cadre of dedicated and visionary architects, urban planners and builders including Pip and Nat Cheshire, and renowned Australian architect Richard Johnson.
Cooper and his architects and planners will talk about how this all came about illustrated by archival footage and photos of buildings and the area that will be morphed into present day look at these very same buildings
This film follows the history and the growth of Britomart culminating around the World Rugby Cup with the installation of new commissioned art pieces by Tim Gruchy, Chris Bailey and Chas Doherty in Takutai Square. The artists talk about the inspiration for their work which encompasses the spirit of Aoterea.
Adjacent to the train, bus and ferry the Britomart precinct is available to a huge number of visitors , and soon the Rugby World Cup international visitors, and of course Auckland residents.
This film will navigate the viewer beyond the walls and show the essence of the modern Kiwi lifestyle all available in Britomart - the unique boutiques, restaurants and clubs, interviewing the owners and asking “why Britomart”?

The film shows why Britomart is becoming the centre piece of cosmopolitan Auckland and representing the spirit of Aoterea.

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